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At Ease Agony we believe in the philosophy “The happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Ease Agony has carefully chartered its plans to :
1. Provide educational assistance to poor children .
2. Ease the sufferings and agony of poor caused by deadly diseases by providing medical assistance.
3. Provide food and other relief material to the people effected by Natural calamity.

Ease Agony has adopted considerate and holistic approach to give relief to all sections of the society irrespective of Cast, Creed, Race, Ethnicity or Religion.
Ease Agony makes all possible parallel attempts to assist other governmental and non-governmental agencies in providing relief, assistance and nutrition to the victims of Natural Calamities, and Unnatural Disasters and other unfortunate circumstances that affects the remote areas in India.

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  • To join in this Noble cause register as a volunteer with Ease Agony, visit our CONTACT US page to get in touch with us.
    Do volunteer to assist us in our noble cause.

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